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Princess Sultana

Princess Sultana, the heroine Saudi Arabian princess featured in The Princess Trilogy, is visiting one of her children in Europe. Since telephone calls and internet use is routinely monitored in her country, she, as many other Saudi Arabians, tends to … Continue reading

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Exciting part has ended. Now what?

Thinking about the brave Egyptians, I am filled with admiration. They managed to pull off a tremendous political change without violence and disaster. Having said that, I now worry about the ability of the miltary to loosen their grip on … Continue reading

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Never turn away from a woman in need

When one is aware of a human rights situation that is tricky and a reaction might cause anger, it is very easy to walk away. Although it is makes for tense moments, I encourage all women and men to never … Continue reading

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Where are the men?

Women are carrying the full load when it comes to women’s issues. I feel it is most imperative that we convince men to join our efforts to push for women’s rights. The reason? Men rule in most countries, and in … Continue reading

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Female Protesters in Saudi Arabia

With the eyes of the world turned to Egypt and Mubarak’s resignation, few people heard about a rare protest that occurred on February 5, 2011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Most stunning, the protesters were all female! As a rule, Arab … Continue reading

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