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Can you imagine the terror of being beheaded?   Probably not.  I’ll describe it for you. Here is the scene:  You are in prison in Saudi Arabia.  You are told by your guards that you will be punished within 24 hours.  … Continue reading

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Torture is WRONG!

I love my country.  American is a country where people of many cultures and religions are welcomed with open arms.  America is a country where those without hope come to our shores and make a wonderful life for themselves.  America stands for … Continue reading

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Should Men be allowed Sex Slaves? YES, according to this Female politician!

Never in a million years did I dream that I would live to see the day when any woman in the world would advocate men being allowed sex slaves!  But that is not the case.  This is exactly what this woman … Continue reading

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Princess Sultana’s Daughters is now available on Kindle

So many people have asked me when they might download the 2nd of the three PRINCESS books.  I’m happy to inform you that the day has finally arrived: DAUGHTERS is now available on KINDLE and will be available on all … Continue reading

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When I first arrived in Saudi Arabia on September 7, 1978, Saudi women were struggling to obtain the right to drive, as well as other freedoms.  Seeing the enormous changes happening in that desert kingdom, I felt certain that a … Continue reading

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