ONE WORLD: Tragedy in Oslo and what can individuals like us do to help.

I’ve been terribly sad about the tragedy in Oslo and have been fighting back tears each time I hear personal accounts of those who were lost.  I’ve been wondering what can be done to stop such massacres which come out of left field, as this one did.  After much thinking, I have arrived at something we all might do to help.  This killer in Oslo is a hater and his postings online make it clear that he is someone to avoid.  Did NO ONE notice his messages of hate?

From this day forward, all of us should be on on the lookout for HATERS, those people who are so angry and posting their messages of hate on the various social sites, such as Facebook and personal blogs.  On a daily basis I read the most vicious attacks against others, even if it is nothing more than another person expressing a different opinion.  No longer should we ignore these haters.  Instead, we should call them on the carpet everytime they spout their angry hatred.   We cannot let ourselves to become immune to the message of hate.

In the same manner that we are on the alert for suspicious packages or suspicious travelers when at airports or train stations, we should also become more alert for the haters who might well be murderers in the making.  If someone screams messages of hate against groups of people, a specific government, or even against a single individual, we should report it to the authorities.  Oftentimes these individuals are mentally unbalanced and are a physical threat to others.  If all of us who are devoting time to chatting online will be on the lookout, and if we are diligent in reporting individuals who give us a sense of unease, then perhaps we might prevent a tragedy.


About jeansasson

I'm a woman with a keen interest in a wide range of topics including women's issues; animal rights issues; humanitarian issues and political movements, such as the events currently sweeping the Middle East. I am an avid reader and collector of books, mainly about travelers of the 18th and 19th centuries. I have enormous curiosity about other people and relish hearing about lives and opinions of people from all over the world. I’m the author of the PRINCESS series, GROWING UP BIN LADEN, MAYADA DAUGHTER OF IRAQ, FOR THE LOVE OF A SON, and more. Over the past few years the princess and I have met and worked together to bring out a 4th, 5th and 6th book. The 4th is titled: PRINCESS, MORE TEARS TO CRY while the 5th is titled: PRINCESS, SECRETS TO SHARE. The 6th, titled PRINCESS, STEPPING OUT OF THE SHADOWS is to be released in October 2018. I am currently working on my memoirs. Details to be released soon. You can visit my website ( or check out my books on Amazon for more info.
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