Here is something to think about!

Pause for a moment and think about this:   “In a hundred years, all new people.”

I do not know who the author of this thought might be, but it certainly makes a person THINK.

Each of us has only one brief lifetime to live our lives to the fullest, and to create positive change, and then, in the flash of an eye, there will be all new people.

About jeansasson

I'm a woman with a keen interest in a wide range of topics including women's issues; animal rights issues; humanitarian issues and political movements, such as the events currently sweeping the Middle East. I am an avid reader and collector of books, mainly about travelers of the 18th and 19th centuries. I have enormous curiosity about other people and relish hearing about lives and opinions of people from all over the world. I’m the author of the PRINCESS series, GROWING UP BIN LADEN, MAYADA DAUGHTER OF IRAQ, FOR THE LOVE OF A SON, and more. Over the past few years the princess and I have met and worked together to bring out a 4th, 5th and 6th book. The 4th is titled: PRINCESS, MORE TEARS TO CRY while the 5th is titled: PRINCESS, SECRETS TO SHARE. The 6th, titled PRINCESS, STEPPING OUT OF THE SHADOWS is to be released in October 2018. I am currently working on my memoirs. Details to be released soon. You can visit my website ( or check out my books on Amazon for more info.
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4 Responses to Here is something to think about!

  1. harman says:

    how would you categorise the women in general and saudi women as well :bonded oe binded?

  2. jeansasson says:

    I really cannot categorize such a large group of women in such a simple way… women in general and Saudi women as well are a very complex group that simply do not lend themselves to one word descriptions… And, you?

    • harman says:

      guess the complexity arises from the birth itself…right from the day we are born women we are struggling to strike a cord with the world and for most with ourself…..a quest which i have felt myself for years is womwn all around the world are just seeking an identity.strive for identity is what i would like to call it…no matter how hard you are fighting for it but inwardly i guzz your born with the heart and sense of a women who is meant to be moulded in a particular manner without any questioning.its strange but i guess you start living with it.could be i am thinking to pessimistic but may be women have subdued themselves….we get to see like govt banning veil may be they feel comfortable it that.but what i fail to understand is when women have it in them the fire to fight why dont they thats an answer i would also want from princess sultana as well

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