Those who help one woman, helps every woman.

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FROM JEAN SASSON:  Since I have been such a vocal opponent of any and all who discriminate against women, I want to also speak out when I see or hear of those that I know do all they can to help the women of the world.  King Abdullah has done more than most to help Saudi women when it comes to leaders of the Middle East.   And ANYONE who helps one woman, helps the world.  I hereby say we should all recognize and thank King Abduallah for his stand on helping women. 


New book illustrates king’s support to women’s cause

Cover of the book King Abdullah and Achievements for Women. (AN photo)

                                                                                                 By NAIF TURKI | ARAB NEWS

Published: Mar  27, 2012 23:51                Updated: Mar  29, 2012 03:51

JEDDAH: The Women Cultural Forum in Jeddah recently published the book King Abdullah and Achievements for Women. The book describes King Abdullah’s support to women and the achievements he accomplished for the benefit of all of his people. The book was distributed among government institutions.

The authors, Zubaida Musalli, Nadia Sheikh and Shahinaz Al-Sabban collected the decisions and pronouncements in support of women that Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah made during his reign.

“The king was just and gave women his full support based on a profound Islamic vision for equality,” read the introduction.

The idea for the book had been in Musalli’s mind for some time before she and her associates started working on it. “It was a dream that I had for two years,” said Musalli.

When Musalli decided to realize her idea, she formed a committee within the forum. The committee comprised, beside her, Nadia Sheikh and Al-Sabban. “I wanted to document Custodian of the Two Mosques’ decisions that supported women and led to their accomplishments,” she said, adding she had met and interviewed princesses and officials for that purpose.

Musalli said that it is the forum’s custom to honor outstanding people with great accomplishments every year.

“I hesitated about this particular project, given the high status of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.”

The book is richly illustrated with pictures, describing the king in different stages of his life. King Abdullah appointed women as members of the Shoura Council, enabling them to vote and run for the membership of municipal councils.

He raised social security allowances for divorced women and widows and he took a keen interest in the fate the condition of female prisoners.

All decisions he took related to the economy included points that would enable women to be economically independent.

The largest women-only university was opened in Riyadh during his reign and the king has always been supportive of the scientific achievements of women.

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2 Responses to Those who help one woman, helps every woman.

  1. salaam molikum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoyed reading about you

    • jeansasson says:

      Thank you, Omar… Although I complain a lot when any human being is mistreated, I think it is just as important that we praise those who help the world. Don’t you? Thanks for writing to me. Really appreciated, Jean

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