Changing plans: writing my latest book

Sometimes carefully laid out plans made are meant to be changed.

Life’s straight lines are too often blurred by situations we didn’t plan to confront.

Let me explain.

A few months ago I was happily writing “Squirrel on my Head and Puppy in my Pocket.”  This animal memoir details the many thrilling adventures I have experienced while rescuing abused animals as well as being the “mother” of 40 animal babies.  (A baby I rescued last year just happened to be a tiny baby squirrel.  I raised her to be self-reliant and she is now living in the trees, as squirrels should, although I would prefer that she be living in my house!) You can see a cute photo below of Princess playing with one of her little toys.  She was very pampered, and followed my every step, thinking I was her mommy.  I miss her still and everytime it storms, I think about my little squirrel baby and hope that she remains safe.

Princess Sasson, baby squirrel

Animals bring such joy to our lives, but there were lots of stresses too, for along the way I met some unsavory characters who used animals for profit, resulting in the most horrific abuses upon those animals.  Such situations tear away at my heart and soul, for I have the kind of attachment to animals that puts me directly into their world.  I feel that I’m in their little furry bodies, seeing what they are seeing and feeling what they are feeling.  When animals suffer, I suffer.  I feel myself to be that animal.  That’s why I can’t turn away from animal suffering, because I FEEL what they are feeling.



Paris Sasson — abandoned and mistreated kitty kat being treated by doctor


I know that sounds a bit bizarre, but that’s just the way it is.

In the middle of writing this animal memoir about my life of loving animals, I sat down on the morning of May 25th to pick up the story when something unexplainable occurred.  A woman took over my mind, and by that I don’t mean to imply that I had an out of body experience, but the memory of a courageous woman who had survived the most horrific ordeal imaginable came to me, and without thinking about it, I found myself opening up a new file on my computer.  I tentatively titled it “The Prison Circus” and I started to write.  It was as though my brain could no longer hold on to the story, and the memories came to me and my fingers started moving and before I knew it, I had seven pages typed.  (I consider five good pages a day to be a day of successful writing.) And those seven pages were nearly flawless.  (Like most writers, I generally sweat over every sentence, reworking them time and again, but the seven pages were just as they should be.)

From that moment, I stuck with the “The Prison Circus” writing a tension filled story about one of the most courageous women I’ve ever met–and believe me, I have met some brave women during my years of travel and writing–if you have read any of my books, then you have read about these women.

While writing this story about a woman who overcame challenges you will find hard to imagine, my heart told me that it was one of the most important books I would ever write.

And now the book is nearly finished and I wait to see if one woman’s story of survival against all odds, is as important and compelling as I believe it to be.

So much of a writing career is waiting.  And so I wait, hoping that others will feel the importance of a story I’ve never been able to get out of my mind.







About jeansasson

I'm a woman with a keen interest in a wide range of topics including women's issues; animal rights issues; humanitarian issues and political movements, such as the events currently sweeping the Middle East. I am an avid reader and collector of books, mainly about travelers of the 18th and 19th centuries. I have enormous curiosity about other people and relish hearing about lives and opinions of people from all over the world. I’m the author of the PRINCESS series, GROWING UP BIN LADEN, MAYADA DAUGHTER OF IRAQ, FOR THE LOVE OF A SON, and more. Over the past few years the princess and I have met and worked together to bring out a 4th, 5th and 6th book. The 4th is titled: PRINCESS, MORE TEARS TO CRY while the 5th is titled: PRINCESS, SECRETS TO SHARE. The 6th, titled PRINCESS, STEPPING OUT OF THE SHADOWS is to be released in October 2018. I am currently working on my memoirs. Details to be released soon. You can visit my website ( or check out my books on Amazon for more info.
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13 Responses to Changing plans: writing my latest book

  1. Maria says:

    I feel exactly the same way about all animals, and I wonder what this planet would be like if every person felt the same as we do. I am now eagerly awaiting The Prison Circus. Sounds intriguing!

    • jeansasson says:

      Hi Maria! If only everyone on this earth loved and respected all animal life. Now, wouldn’t that be a bit of heaven! (smile)

      I only lack the back of the book material on my latest book, although the title has been changed again. That’s the way it is with titles! But, I will send out notices when a final decision is made and when I know the pub date.

      Thanks, so much!

  2. talei says:

    This is awesome and so inspiring Jean! Looking forward to it.

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  3. Mari says:

    Dear Jean, congratulations for the attitudes of love, care and respect for the animals. It makes me admire you even more!
    I am Brazilian, I live in the field and love all animals! I am lucky to breathe the same air that toucans fly. Reading your books and some others about Arab culture, emerged a doubt in my mind.
    How, today, the Muslims are related to dogs company? Have you ever met a Muslim who has a dog and allow him to share the bed or the couch, as the other family members? It’s just a curiosity, feel free to answer or not.
    Thanks, Mari.

    • jeansasson says:

      Thanks, Mari! So sorry for the delay but I am finishing up a book and I tend to get obsessed — sitting in front of my computer for 12 to 14 hours a day until I finish. I am NEARLY THERE but wanted to take a moment to respond to those kind enough to respond to me.

      It’s lovely to read your note.

      As far as Muslims and dogs. Yes, I have known Muslims who love dogs, although the number is few… I have known four Muslims whose doggies had the run of the house.
      Due to the fact that most Muslims are taught that dogs are unclean, it is difficult for them to get past the childhood teachings, and I do understand. Most of us defend what we know, and what we have been taught as children.
      I do have a lot of Muslim friends who have birds and cats as pets…

      I hope this answers your question and I also hope to hear from you again. Thank you so much, Jean

  4. jeansasson says:

    Thanks, Mari — loving and caring for animals comes as naturally to me as breathing – since you are an animal lover, too, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

    Yes, actually, I’ve even known some Saudis who had lap dogs and loved them, and those dogs sat on the sofa (smile) although it is NOT the norm. Since the Prophet did not speak favorably of dogs, most Muslims simply avoid them, although it is not common for one to try and harm them. Muslims I know are much more tolerate of cats, although I have seen so many sad kitty kats who were homeless in the ME, yet, in all fairness, I see that in America, too.

    Maybe the day will come when all humans realize the beauty of animals and love and care for them. Now, that would be a wonderful world! Look forward to chatting with you more. (I have not been to Brazil but hear many wonderful things about your country and people and have several good Brailian friends — plus, I adore my publisher there…

  5. RUTH SMITH says:

    I am so pleased to have come across this author,jean sasson,as yet i have not read any of her books,but that is all going to change from now. I can totally empathise with animals in the same way as this author does,as do many of her readers. Now, and for all of my 57 years on this earth i have loved and respected animals,now more than ever,i have been a vegetarian for over 7 years and adapting to vegan lifestyle purely for ethical reasons.At last i no longer feel alone when i know there are so many people out there who feel like me. Animals can teach us so many things,so many wonderful things if we let them.The end to all their suffering will one day come, i pray it will be soon. More people will start to realise that animals and all creatures of this earth have just as much right to be here as any human does!

    • jeansasson says:

      Here! Here! I agree with you. Nothing is more distressing than to see a mistreated animal. They all have such cute and individual personalities. I can’t believe how Paris came to us (my kitty kat). She had never been loved. She had not been spayed. She had a bad kidney that no one had tended to. She acted as though she had never had anything but dry food, which is so hard on cats and their kidneys. (I KNOW that many vets recommend dry food only, but they are WRONG I’m sorry to say. Many of them receive payment or some kind of benefit from the companies to push their dry food products.) ANYHOW, even IF the dry food is not hard on the cat’s medical health, who wants to eat dry food? Even PETA feeds their cats meat in canned food! Think of that!

      Even the people who in my neighborhood make my blood boil when I see them walking their dogs. These folks want exercise and don’t give a fig that they are DRAGGING their does along with them at a fast clip. Dogs want to smell, to lesiurely walk. It’s so upsetting that I have to go in the house to keep myself from dashing to those owners and telling them that they are mistreating their dogs. I saw one woman DRAGGING a tiny dog that looked very old and it could not keep up and she seemd to be angry at it for slowing her down!

      So many mistreated critters in this world of ours. We all must do what we can.

      It’s always lovely to have contact with an animal lover… Thanks, Ruth… Jean Sasson

  6. Nilufer wajeeh says:

    Muslims don’t hate dogs. They can keep them as pets as long as they stay in the yard or garden. We always had a dog before I got married. We loved it and took good care of it but did not bring him inside the house. We always had a cat too and that remained out side too. Nil

    • jeansasson says:

      Yes, many Muslims care for dogs and have them as pets; although I have known Muslims who quote their religion as a reason they can’t have dogs, or do not like dogs… So glad that you care about all little animals…

  7. Nilufer wajeeh says:

    Jean sasson I read your books on princess Sultana. I appreciate how you have given voice to women who had no way of disclosing what was happening to them. The mistreatment of women has nothing to do with Islam. I am a Muslim woman . Daughters and sons are treated equally in my family. I wear a loose coat and cover my face partly with a scarf when I go out. It does not hinder me in any way. It makes me feel safe from the prying eyes of men. I can talk to a man if the need arises. It is not prohibited. Islam is a very reasonable and fair religion. The fundamentalists have hijacked it and made their own rules and they call it true Islam. In Islam women cannot be forced to marry anyone against their will. They can get a divorce too when they need it. Women are encouraged to get education. Women can work outside the home but it is the responsibility of the husband to provide for his family.

  8. jeansasson says:

    Some of my best friends are Muslim women. I am lucky to know them and have them in my life. There are many wonderful Muslims and many Muslim women who do not have discrimination in their lives. You are very fortunate. But on the other side of the coin, there are many men in the Muslim world who use their religion wrongly to control women. I have personally known and see horrific things happening to some of my Muslim female friends at the hands of their fathers, brothers, or husband, and this came about when their faith was used against them. Wrongly, so, of course, as you say…

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