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PRINCESS SULTANA, MORE TEARS TO CRY, an excerpt for readers!

Finally!  The 4th book in the PRINCESS series about Princess Sultana has arrived!  AND, HERE IS A LITTLE GIFT FOR readers WHO HAVE EXPRESSED THEIR LOVE FOR PRINCESS SULTANA:  AN EXCERPT:  VISIT WITH PRINCESS SULTANA AND HER FAMILY AT A … Continue reading

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Here’s to King Abdullah, a wise king

The issue of driving in Saudi Arabia is being discussed a lot these days.  I remember when I lived in Saudi what a tough time most women had regarding getting around.  If women could not afford a driver, they were … Continue reading

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Court makes outrageous ruling in Saudi!

I’m sad to report that maids in Saudi Arabia are often horribly mistreated. And in many cases, it is the women of the household who abuse these helpless women. I knew of many cases when I was working in Saudi. … Continue reading

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I’m glad to be alive to see what I am seeing!

I am glad to be alive to witness the current social and political movements which are occurring in the Middle East. Not since after the end of World War I, with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (which controlled most … Continue reading

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Princess Sultana

Princess Sultana, the heroine Saudi Arabian princess featured in The Princess Trilogy, is visiting one of her children in Europe. Since telephone calls and internet use is routinely monitored in her country, she, as many other Saudi Arabians, tends to … Continue reading

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Female Protesters in Saudi Arabia

With the eyes of the world turned to Egypt and Mubarak’s resignation, few people heard about a rare protest that occurred on February 5, 2011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Most stunning, the protesters were all female! As a rule, Arab … Continue reading

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