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Princess by Jean Sasson

Originally posted on Patrisya M.:
Nothing makes me happier than buying books for low prices. There are only a few places where you can purchase cheap books in Dubai. One of my favourite places is House of Prose, a second-hand…

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Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening

Originally posted on Saudiwoman's Weblog:
I just read Manal Al Sharif’s book Daring to Drive. I knew that it was in the works for a few years and I had expectations and so did many other Saudis. We discussed…

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Princess by Jean Sasson: Book Review

Originally posted on Arsh Azim:
One of my favorite books so far, Princess is based on a true story of a Saudi Princess who is considered worthless for being a woman beside having all the wealth of the world. It…

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Saudi Heroes

Originally posted on Saudiwoman's Weblog:
Dr. Ghazi Al Gosaibi’s passing got me thinking. There are certain people in every generation and era that make a person honored to have lived in their time. People who courageously push a nation…

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Adopt Skylar

Originally posted on Saudiwoman's Weblog:
?? ?My sister rescued this male dog from abusive kids in the street.?His name is Skylar, and he is highly intelligent and has a great sense of humor. He is friendly, playful, and fiercly…

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AFTER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, JEAN SASSON                                      RETURNS TO KUWAIT   The last time I was in Kuwait was in March, 1991, when I was an invited guest of the Kuwaiti government’s FREEDOM FLIGHT, an organized flight taking guests into … Continue reading

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PART I: MEMORIES: Thinking back on the Books I have Written: THE RAPE OF KUWAIT

While 25 years seems a long time during the span of one human life, my memories of Kuwait and Kuwaitis are so vivid that the events of August 2, 1990 does not seem so long ago.  Yet much has happened, to … Continue reading

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